Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Happy Birthday, Rusty

As we vote and await the results of election day, my thoughts turn to an earlier election. On November 6th, 1956, President Dwight D. Eisenhower was elected to a second term. Voting on the way to the hospital, for the delivery of their fourth child, were my parents Chuck and Betty Cone. I've always thought it was extremely brave and dedicated of my mother, already in labor for the 4th time, to make certain that they stopped enroute to cast their ballots.

Things at home must have been very hectic, I had to be ready to walk to Hacienda Elementary School where I was in Mrs. Eastman's first grade class with my neighborhood friends. Peggy and Trude were watched by our across the street neighbor Kay Saylor and her black standard poodle Nellie who seemed as big as a horse. Dad called and broke the news that the baby was a boy and another red-head!!

I don't have a photograph of the day Mom and Dad brought our new little brother home from the hospital, but I clearly remember that we were playing in the Abshears front yard next door to our house. We all ran to see the new baby, then quickly realized that he would not be able to join in our games and went back to playing.

Cone family from left Leslie, Chuck holding Rusty, Cecily behind, Betty and Trude
Photo circa 1958 La Habra, California

There was never any doubt in the family as to what a male off-spring would be named. I expect Dad had planned to name any son that arrived Charles Newton Cone, III after himself, his father and his father's grandfather the original Charles Shepard Newton. My mother was not a great supporter of naming sons for fathers, but she had agreed with the proviso that the baby would be called by his nickname. Finding a nickname was easy, when the son arrived and was red headed... he would be known as Rusty.

Happy Birthday Rusty! Fun that this birthday is also on a presidential election.