Sunday, November 21, 2010

Giles Hopkins

Continuing with information about our Pilgrim ancestors, Giles Hopkins, son of Stephen Hopkins and his first wife Mary. New research shows that he was born in Hursley, Hampshire, England sometime shortly before 30 January 1607/8 as that was the date of his baptism.

Giles was part of a family of five that traveled together on the Mayflower, including his step-mother Elizabeth and sister Constance, and step-sister Damaris. His half-brother Oceanus was born during the voyage.

Records show he volunteered for service in the Pequot War of 1637 but was not called.

Giles married Catherine Whelden in Plymouth in 1639. Soon after his marriage, the couple followed Stephen Hopkins to the Yarmouth area of Cape Cod where Stephen had built a house in 1638. (The Plymouth Colony Court did not authorize a permanent settlement in Yarmouth until 1639).

About five years later, Giles' brother-in-law Nicholas Snow helped found the town of Nauset. By 1650, Giles had also settled there and soon the town's name was changed to Eastham.

Catherine and Giles had 10 children. The exact date of Giles death is not know but evidence proves that he died sometime between 5 Mar 1688/89, the date a codicil to his will was witnessed and 16 Apr 1690, the date his will was entered in to probate.

Our descent from Giles is the same as for Stephen Hopkins.

You can see the references to Giles in Plymouth Colony at the following link

To follow.... information on our more famous Pilgrim ancestors.

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