Tuesday, May 22, 2012

On the hunt

Dear Amos and Marinda ,
     May I be so familiar as to address you as such? I don't always have the opportunity to be hunting for records of you, my 2nd great-grand parents in the community where you lived. Today, I discovered that though you were living in Huntington, WV when the 1880 census was taken most of their other records (newspaper, burial, etc.) do not start until 1895. I did have the address of the home where you were living with children Herbert and Ida Mae, 388 8th Street in 1880. Unfortunately, today the location is a parking lot.
     I looked for you in church records sadly, they are sketchy. The deed information was missing for 1880.
So I had to content myself with a photo of the Cabell County Court House. It looks as if it has been expanded since you, Amos, may have tried cases there.
      I believe strongly that my ancestors want to be found. I have been unable to locate where you are buried Marinda. Tomorrow I will check out the Dye and McCowan cemeteries. If you're listening, your great-great granddaughter could use another clue.

Until later,

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