Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Could it be more than 5 generations....

When I wrote my earlier post on five generations of family members having visited USS Constitution, I addressed my letter to Grampa Colby, my great-grandfather William Wallace Colby. On further reflection, I have to wonder if the tradition might stretch back further generations.

Grampa Colby's mother, Fanny Hutchison Hunnewell (1838 - 1920) was the daughter of Samuel Bradley Hunnewell and his third wife Martha Lord.  They were married in Boston 01 Feb 1832 by Rev. William Jenks, D.D. In the marriage record, they are both described as being "of Boston".
Martha's parents Jonathan Lord and Martha "Patty" Sawyer were both lived in Boston and were married there 15 Nov 1803.
1810 Census for Boston Ward 12, Suffolk County, Massachusetts
Jonathan Lord listed on Bennet Street.
Image from www.ancestry.com
It could well be that any and/or all of them were familiar with the USS Constitution. Jonathan and Patty Lord may well have been on hand to celebrate the ships triumphant return to Boston following her defeat of HMS Guerriere August 19, 1812.

Always more to research.

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  1. Truly enjoying your stories and your creative format; so wish I could return with you to Annapolis and Baltimore and Philadelphia..... a genealogist can never spend too much time there. Sigh.