Sunday, October 21, 2012

Happy Birthday Ada Grace Colby

Happy Birthday Hoo Hoo!

You would be 110 years old today. I imagine what a joy you brought to your four older sisters. I expect you were all born at home on the farm outside Kirwin, Kansas and next door to the farm where your maternal grandparents had settled about 1879.  As your sisters were 15, 14, 12 and 11,
they were very involved in your care and doted on you. I remember that you told me that they called you "Ticky" because you were always so busy!!

From left, Mamie Hugunin Colby, Madge Colby, Grace Colby and Pansy Colby
at Pine Lawn Farm outside Newberg, Yamhill County, Oregon

Your family moved to Pine Lawn Farm, just outside Newberg, Oregon when you were nine, leaving behind in Kansas your two oldest sisters. Ethyl had married Ira King in 1908 and Edythe was teaching school.

Grace Colby circa 1922

Besides time spent in Corvallis while a student at Oregon Agricultural College (now Oregon State), in Pendleton living with sister Madge, in Spokane with husband Cecil O. Werst, and Seattle after Cecil's death, Pine Lawn Farm became your home for the rest of your life. We all know how much the farm meant to you and your daughters and grandchildren. You would be pleased to know that the property remains in family hands more than 100 years after your father purchased it.
Grace Colby by her favorite Rose Bush
 at Pine Lawn Farm about 1966

This is one of my favorite photographs of you and how I remember you.

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