Wednesday, December 19, 2012

1920's Vintage Hand painted Coffee Set

Dear Aunt Edythe,
I'm your niece Betty Werst's daughter. Tonight while doing some research on the computer (our modern method of finding anything and everything), I happened upon an advertisement for a "1920's Vintage Rosenthal Resenthale Donatello Coffee creamer, sugar set hand painted by "Edythe C. Keckley - the American artist who carefully executed this work." It goes on to state that she was "perhaps a Kansas girl born in 1888, who died in 1963 in Agra, Phillips County, Kansas. Her lifetime certainly matches the period; her husband, Elvin L. Keckley, (originally from an Iowa family who emigrated to Kansas) was one of the first men drafted in Phillips County for World War I, serving as a corporal in the 353rd Infantry Regiment, part of the American Expeditionary Force."

It's great to have other people recognize your talent. Our family has carefully preserved the pieces of your hand-painted china that we inherited. We have always imagined that there is more out there. Each time my sisters and I visited and antique store we search for some of your pieces. This provides more encouragement to keep looking.

1920s Vintage Rosenthal Rosenthale Donatello
Coffee Set
Hand-painted by Edythe Colby Keckley
as advertised at

We're all proud of you and your talent.


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