Thursday, July 4, 2013

Happy Independence Day

Dear Grandparents,
Today we will be celebrating the 237th anniversary of our Declaration of Independence. Traditionally, we observe the date flying the flag, watching parades, family picnics and ending with fireworks. We will be gathering at my daughter Colby's with 3 generations of family and friends. Ed and I have been marinating chicken, making macaroni salad (wish I could talk him into BBQ salad), angel food cake in preparation for this evenings dinner. Before we go, I wanted to take a minute to thank you for all the sacrifices you made in establishing this great nation.

I have been able to identify some of you who served in the Revolutionary War. I'm certain there are others who's records I have not discovered yet (all hints) are appreciated.

Evert Van Eps - Captain of Bateaumen on Lake George, wounded at the Battle of Oriskany, captured by the British at the Battle of Johnstown, NY and taken as a prisoner to Canada. Not released until the Treaty of Paris was signed.  (Ancestor of Grace Colby Werst).

Eleazar Warner - Captain in the Connecticut Line, responded to the Alarm at Lexington, fought at the Battle of White Plains. (Ancestor of Charles Newton Cone).

Asa Pratt - Private in Capt. Aaron Steven's Company part of Colonel Samuel Mott's Brigade. He then served in Capt. Martin Kirtland's Company in Colonel William Douglas' Regiment of the Connecticut Line. (Ancestor of  Charles Newton Cone).

Samuel and Richard Hunnewell - Participated in the Boston Tea Party. Richard then served as a private in Capt. Winthrop Baston's Company. (Ancestor of Grace Colby Werst).

John Dye - Served as a Captain in the New Jersey Militia. (Ancestor of Hazel Allen Cone).

Elisha Hopkins - Served in Mansfield, Connecticut Militia. (Ancestor of Charles Newton Cone).

David Huguenin - Served in the 7th Regiment of the Albany County (NY) Militia. (Ancestor of Grace Colby Werst).

Michael Biery -Drummer in Capt. George Knappenbuger's Company, 2nd Battalion, Northampton County, Pennsylvania Militia. (Ancestor of Cecil Oscar Werst).

Uriah Stephens - Served in Cook's Regiment of the Pennsylvania Militia. (Ancestor of Helen Brown Newton Cone).

Salmon Champion - Served in the Connecticut Line (ancestor of Helen Brown Newton Cone).

Magdalena Domain Schlechty - As a widow provided monetary support for the cause. (Ancestor of Cecil Oscar Werst).

We salute your sacrifices and hope to learn more about your lives.


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