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Surname Saturday PRATT

Dear Grandparents,

Last week marked the 223rd wedding anniversary of my fourth great-grandparents Jeremiah and Jennet Pratt Pratt. They were married 16 February 1790 in Saybrook, Middlesex County, Connecticut. Yes, I have that right, Jeremiah Pratt married Jennet Pratt.

The Pratt surname is of English origin according to website it comes from the Old English praett, meaning trick or cunning. It may have been the name given to a jester or other jokester. According to select surnames, "The earliest citing of this name was Lefwinus Prat around 1080."  Others believe that "pratt" meant meadow. So Samuel Pratt would have been Samuel from the meadow.

The first Pratt ancestor of which we have much knowledge is my 9th great grandfather, Rev. William Pratt. Fortunately, we share this ancestor with a large number of members of the LDS Church. The Jared Pratt Family Association website has posted a two part video on Rev. Pratt, a Cambridge University graduate and Puritan minister, was the Rector of the church at Stevenage, Herts, England for 30 years. I hope many of your descendants will take time to look at both videos.

Jennet Pratt1768 - 1849
Asa Pratt1734 - 1811
John Pratt (III)1703 - 1756
John Pratt (Jr.)1671 - 1744
John Pratt (blacksmith)1644 - 1692
Lt. William Pratt (img)1609 - 1678/9
Rev. William Pratt

Jeremiah Pratt1764 - 1863
Edward Pratt1723 - 1778
Daniel Pratt1680 - 1758
John Pratt (blacksmith)1644 - 1692
Lt. William Pratt1609 - 1678/9 Immigrant
Rev. William Pratt

Their first common ancestor is John Pratt known as "the blacksmith" however, Jeremiah is descended from John Pratt's first wife Mary Andrews, daughter of Mary Chandler and William Andrews. Jennet is descended from John Pratt's second wife Hannah Williams. I believe, having consulted the charts from that Jennet and Jeremiah are 2nd cousins 1 time removed. Certainly far enough removed for there to have been no impediment to the marriage.

Together Jeremiah and Jennet added 11 more Pratts to the family tree. She died on the 4th of July 1849 at age 82 and is buried at the Pratt Farm Cemetery about 2 miles from the Village of Burlington, Otsego County, New York. Jeremiah lived to age 99 and is buried in the same cemetery.


P.S. Almost published this without adding the family relationship for today's readers. So here it is:
Cecily daughter of Charles Newton Cone, Jr., son of Charles Newton Cone, son of Frederick Naaman Cone, son of Eliza Utley and William Warner Cone, daughter of Harriet Pratt and  Philip Utley, daughter of Jennet and Jeremiah Pratt.

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