Thursday, April 25, 2013

Celebrating Marie Kelly Beaumont's 95th Birthday

Dear Aunt Marie,
Happy 95th Birthday. Today we're remembering your life and especially the effort you made to keep your nephews and nieces, the sons and daughters of your brother Edward E. Kelly part of the larger Kelly clan. Though their parents divorced when the children were young, no birthday passed with out a card of good wishes and a dollar tucked inside. We are very appreciative of all your efforts.

Life was not always easy for the Kelly household. The stories you told of only having heat in your home when there were enough coins to put in the household meter have stuck with me. You were barely 20 when your father was killed 17 Sep 1939.

1940 Census for Mary Kelly
The form shows your family living on Conestoga Street including:

Given Name   Relationship   Sex  Race   Age    Marital Status   Last Grade
Alice                 Head                 F      W       40        Widowed             4th
Mary                Daughter          F      W       21          Single                10th
Alice                 Daughter          F      W       20          Single                  9th
Dorothy           Daughter          F      W       19          Single                10th
William            Son                    M     W      17          Single                  8th
Edward            Son                    M     W      14          Single                  7th
John                 Son                    M     W        9           Single                 3rd

It also shows the level of education completed by each member of the family . Your mother Alice Mae Hanna Kelly left school after the 4th grade and by 1940 no family member had completed high school each having left school to go to work.

You and your sisters were winders at a Rubber factory with an income of $670 for 16 weeks of work. That means that your family may have had no more than $2,010 income in the last 12 months.The form also shows that though your brother William (Bill) wanted to be working, he had been unemployed for 52 weeks.

Ed reconnected with your son Joe last year and he let us copy your wedding picture with Uncle Jack (John J. Beaumont). You were a beautiful bride. Your love lasted a lifetime.

We know how important family was to you and vow to endeavor to keep in touch with your sons.

Ed and Cecily

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