Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Update to Surname Saturday... Puterbaugh to Puderbaugh

Dear Grandfathers Jacob,

I wrote an earlier post about your surname PUDERBAUGH and the challenges of the many spellings. After finding photographs of your headstones, I've decided that if each of your families' spelled the name as above, I should use the spelling you used.
Jacob Puderbaugh 1788-1865 was buried in the Ozawkie Cemetery in Jefferson County Kansas
Photo is from, originally submitted by Raymond Riley and used with his permission.
I believe the original site of the cemetery is now under a reservoir and the cemetery was moved to higher ground.

Jacob Puderbaugh 1757-1822 was buried in Darke County Ohio
Both headstones us the Puderbaugh spelling.

I continue to search for the origin of the surname. From on site research in Maryland, Pennsylvania, Ohio and Indiana, I believe the family was associated with the Dunkard or Brethren sect of Anabaptists. These Churches are off shoots of a church group that was founded near Schwarzenau, Germany about 1708. Today there are several communities named Schwarzenau in Germany and Austria. The village associated with the Brethren is located near Bad Berleburg in the Siegen-Wittgenstein district of North Rhine Westphalia, Germany. Wikipedia has maps and information on the location at Schwarzenau, Bad Berleburg. So far, I have not found any Puderbaughs in Germany, but I am still looking.


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