Monday, December 2, 2013

Surname Posters - Another way to share your genealogy

This is a bit of departure from my usual posts. I am always searching for new ways to share the information I have learned about our ancestors with my family.
Surname Poster for each of my Grandparents namely
Cecil Oscar WERST, Ada Grace COLBY, Charles Newton CONE and Hazel Bynon ALLEN
These were fairly inexpensive and included the frames. Called "Speech Bubble Canvas" they can be ordered from Lillian Vernon and come in various colors. They are listed at $19.95 but during Cyber Monday, I believe they are 20% off. They are 16 inches by 16 inches on canvas and you can add 15 surnames (or whatever words you want) I started my list with the surname in the middle of each canvas, followed by the surname of that person's spouse which appears in large and in green above the central surname. The names are repeated in various patterns. 

It seems an easy an expensive way to share your surnames with your family.

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  1. This idea is terrific! Thanks for sharing!! DPP'