Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Marriage Certificate for Maternal Grandparents Cecil Oscar and Ada Grace (Colby) Werst: Post 4 Women's History Month

Dear Grandfather Cecil and Hoo Hoo,
Today we are asked if we have marriage records for our grandparents. Luckily you were married in Washington state and your marriage certificate was easily located at

We do not have any photographs from your wedding. I do not know if you had planned the event for a long time, or if it was more spur of the moment. I imagine two confident young people, secure in their occupations of salesman and secretary, were ready to take the next step in their lives. Your signatures seem to suggest that.

Cecil Oscar Werst

Ada Grace Colby

Your witnesses, the Bakers, were friends and there were no family members to watch and support your vows to each other. Grandmother, I wonder if there were some wistful feelings remembering the weddings of your sisters that had taken place at home. Knowing about your difficult relationship with your step-mother helps me understand your choice. But what about other family?  After all, your sister Madge and Cecil's brother Clem lived across the street from each other in Pendleton, Oregon. Just thinking...


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