Friday, May 3, 2013

Help break down a brickwall - Lydia Hayes

Dead ends for Genealogists are referred to as "brick walls"
Dear Grandmother Lydia,

I really need your help. No Cone family researcher has been able to identify your parents. We have your birth date as Feb. 2, 1771 and place as New London, Connecticut. We believe that you married Ira Cone about 1795 probably in Connecticut and moved to Laurens, Otsego County, New York the next year.

According to records you had two sons, Lyman born 18 Apr 1799 and Naaman born 11 Sep 1804, both born in Laurens. Some researchers believe that there may have been other children who did not survive infancy but we do not have their names.

From the minutes of the Butternuts Monthly Meeting of the Society of Friends, we know that you and Ira were Quakers and requested in 1811 that Lyman be admitted to the meeting. He was accepted on the 1st day of the 5 month (May) that year.

The Friends' Intelligencer, Volume 12 published some excerpts of the "Autobiography of Samuel Comfort" in August 1870 which contained a description of his visit with you and Ira , "His wife's (Lydia's) health appears to be pretty good, but she goes half bent, and walked so to meeting. Says she cannot get into a carriage." Page 24. Google Books

As a genealogist, I believe strongly that you want to be found. Your parents await identification and any hints that you can send would be greatly appreciated. Were the Hayes family Quakers or did you and Ira become join after your marriage? Perhaps one of your other descendants has the clue and will share it when they see this letter.

Cecily Cone Kelly

P.S. For family members Ira and Lydia Hayes Cone were parents of Naaman Cone, who's son William Warner Cone's son Frederick Naaman Cone is my great grandfather.

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