Thursday, June 14, 2012

Nanny has been found!

On an earlier trip to Fernwood Cemetery in Delaware County, Pennsylvania, Ed and I and Russ and Barb located Ed's and Russ' grandfather's tombstone. Checking with the office, we discovered that the plot also contains the remains of his mother Thusnelda Hoffman Schick and her husband Paul Schick, her parents Elizabeth Von Biel and Fritz Hoffman as well as, Anna Schwenke and Louisa Lemule. Sounds a bit crowded doesn't it. Also challenging, because we don't know how Anna and Louisa fit with the family.

The one person we expected to be in the plot was Maude Stump Haas, John's wife. None of the family could remember where she was. They all had vague memories of attending her funeral but no one could remember why she wasn't with her husband.

Ed's sister, Pat Chamberlain, did some research when she returned home and found the receipt for a burial of Ella Cauler also at Fernwood Cemetery. A quick call to Fernwood, revealed that Maude was in fact buried with her mother. step-father and daughter.

The Cauler Headstone includes Charles Cauler 1861-1939, Ella A Cauler (nee Murray) 1888-1970,
Louise Ella Watson (nee Haas) 1930-1964 and Maude H. Haas (nee Stump) 1906-1985. Charles and Ella were husband and wife. Maude was Ella's daughter by a previous relationship. Louise was Maude's daughter.

So... Nanny has been found, buried with her mother, not far from where her husband is buried with his mother.

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