Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Stephen Hopkins of Jamestown and Plymouth?

Scholars have recently concluded that Stephen Hopkins of the Mayflower was the same Stephen Hopkins that was shipwrecked with the 3rd group of settlers bound for Jamestown on Bermuda in 1609.

Visiting Jamestown, looking and boarding the replicas of the ships that brought the Virginia Company settlers to America, made me wonder why someone would make that voyage more than once! His story is really fascinating and involves being shipwrecked on Bermuda, being charged with mutiny and sentenced to death among other adventures. To read more about Mr. Hopkins please click here

We enjoyed our visit made more special by our tour guides and long-time friends Denny and Ellen Bruwelheide. Topped off our visit with a mutual anniversary dinner at Christiana Campbell's Tavern in Colonial Williamsburg.

For family members, our connection to Stephen is as follows: Charles N. Cone, Jr. son of Charles N. Cone, son of Frederick Naaman Cone, son of William Warner Cone, son of Joanna Warner, daughter of Rhoda Hopkins, daughter of Elisha Hopkins, son of Abigail Merrick, daughter of Joshua Merrick, son of Abigail Hopkins, daughter of Giles Hopkins, son of Stephen Hopkins and his first wife Mary. So Stephen Hopkins is my 10th great-grandfather. He certainly lived an eventful life.


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